Beta Overseas Incorporation’s mission is to provide our clients with high-end equipment and spare parts for fields of Engineering, Construction, Industrial, Broadcasting, Aerospace and Defense and many more.
Our goal is to ensure fast access and cost-effective procurement and export compliance to our valued clientele. We believe that our commitment to excellence and high customer satisfaction is the basis of our strong presence and growth in the market.

Since its establishment in 2001, Beta Overseas Inc. has been involved in the business of trading and supplying of construction equipment, industrial plants, engineering consumables, spare parts and defense items amongst many other electrical and technical products. We benefit from the direct purchase relationship with renowned manufacturers, ensuring us fast access, and abundant supplies at competitive prices.
Beta Overseas Inc. operates on an effective quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, recognized and executed by our staff. Our organization is committed to implementing and improving the effectiveness of its Quality Management System (QMS), validating the products and services supplied by the company, as per the clients’ requests.

Our team of specialists with extensive knowledge in the technical division supervises the initiations of every project until its completion. Our professional engineers create the best proposal and specific schematic drawing for every project. Beta Overseas Inc., in accordance with clients’ requirements presents a tailored and competitively priced package in the areas of electrical, mechanical, environmental engineering, instrumentation and control system.
We are constantly dealing with exceedingly qualified international forwarding and shipping agents. With their help, we ensure our clients that orders will be transported on time to the nearest port of the country of preference. Beta Overseas Inc. holds our clients’ confidence with eminent regard and importance.

Whether it is a small-scale or large commercial order, our clients receive expert attention at every stage of implementation. Standard needs and intricate customized requirements are given thorough attention.
Beta Overseas Inc. takes responsibility for all orders: both placements and deliveries. Our wide-ranging experience of eleven years in spare parts supplies for numerous industries stands as a testament for competence; and guarantees compliance with all the global import and export regulations, while maintaining a secure vigilance to the means of transportation and its punctuality of the delivery.

Beta Overseas Inc. is devoted to execute and continually improve on the effectiveness of the quality management system by properly structuring the organization and stream-lining its operations in order to ensure that the products and services supplied by our company exceed the expectations of our clientèle.